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Consultation & strategy development 

Organisational and financial success is built on the foundation of a healthy and engaged workforce and come as a by product of the wellbeing of its people, yet mental ill health is an ever-growing problem within UK workplaces.  

Resilient Minds takes the stress out of managing mental health by working in partnership with organisations and providing the tools to navigate workforce mental health and wellbeing.  Helping to increase mental health awareness and reduce stigma to support the functioning, productivity, and wellness of your people, advancing both organisational and individual resilience. 

We ensure that you get the best outcomes and optimise value on investment of your mental health and wellbeing programmes through consideration of the legislation and evidence base to build support that works. We understand the drivers of workplace wellbeing, we want to get to know you and your business. It all starts with a conversation!  



Training and awareness 

We have all heard the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’.   

Our training and awareness sessions are grounded in the evidence base and best clinical practice, creating meaningful impact by giving organisations and their people practical strategies and tools to mind their own mental health and support others to do so. 

According to Deloitte, the ROI for mental health interventions is 6:1 for preventative measures, such as awareness and line manager training. One study, published in The Lancet, showed as high as a 9:1 ROI on proactive mental health training! 

Delivered by qualified mental health professionals we ensure our training has real world value gathering data and insights from all our sessions on impact on confidence, competence, and behaviour change. Talk to us about what your needs are and how we could help you! 



Telephone video clinical assessments  

The first step in proactive management of mental health conditions is to evaluate the needs of the individual. We care about helping organisations get their people to the right support, with the right services, at the right time.  

Our mental health assessments are conducted by qualified mental health professionals and seek to understand the individuals’ current symptoms, needs, any risk, impacts on work and social functioning and identify any barriers to these. Providing information back to an organisation on how to support the individual in the workplace through adjustments or in returning to work and the most clinically suitable evidence-based treatment pathway as appropriate.  

Depending on what is right for you we offer: 


Evidence based treatment pathways 

 The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends a range of psychological therapies to treat people with mental health conditions, provided within a system of stepped care.  

Resilient Minds mental health treatment services are aligned to NICE Guidelines, providing inclusive evidence-based interventions for common mental health and associated conditions, more complex presentations and mental health symptoms related to a chronic or long-term health condition.  

Our model is founded on the principles of moving to recovery and developing resilience to keep people healthy and happy in the future with a focus on:  


Trauma Incident Response Service 

 Our trauma incident response service aligns with the evidence base and best practice guidelines in providing initial trauma management support following an incident or event within the workplace.  

The management of traumatic incidents is variable, whilst most individuals recover from traumatic events without needing formal interventions, best practice recommends the facilitation of early intervention after an incident.  

Our service can be used on its own or in combination with our mental health treatment service and provides: 

















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