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Physical Health and the Changing Face of the Workplace

FitBack have recently published an insightful article for Cardinus Risk Management discussing the changing face of the workplace and physical health impact for employers and employees.

The onset of the global pandemic in March 2020 dictated a significant change in the way companies work around the world. Overnight they saw a shift from office-based employment to millions of employees working from home.

As we enter 2021, the anticipated temporary move from the office to homeworking shows no signs of abating any time soon and potentially the landscape of office working may have changed forever.  Is this a positive situation? a possible opportunity for both employer and employee? or should we be more restrained and look beyond the obvious financial gains of reducing office space, introducing hot-desking and promoting long-term home working?

Many employers are now talking about a blended approach to office work in the near future. One that includes a mix of home, office and even a third space such as local satellite offices or hubs. In this scenario, all environments must be conducive to support the physical health of the employee.

It is really important that employers are aware of the health and well-being of their employees. When employees are working from home, there is a potential for them to become “out of sight out of mind”. It’s really important to take this into consideration.

What can employers do to promote musculoskeletal health amongst employees working from home?

  • Virtual physiotherapy consultations for employees suffering from musculoskeletal issues.
  • Ensure employees have access to the right DSE and know the process for requesting equipment or a DSE assessment if this is available.
  • Provide advice on working safely at home.
  • Encourage employees to move regularly throughout the day through regular communication or apps/software that provide prompts and reminders.
  • Provide health assessments to assess employees musculoskeletal health, mental health and overall wellbeing so they can provide interventions based on their findings.
  • Provide employees with advice around musculoskeletal health and injury prevention through webinars, online exercise classes, health and well-being challenges and interdepartmental physical challenges.
  • Encourage employees to replace previous commute time with exercise time.
  • Provide online exercise classes catering for a full range of fitness levels from basic Pilates to high intensity interval training classes so there is something for everyone.

FitBack would suggest that the changing climate offers opportunities for the future. Any financial savings realised by businesses through a reduction in the traditional office space, should be invested in their employees to ensure they are working in the most appropriate environment, with the right equipment to optimise their physical health.

Read the full article here.

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Aviva Group Protection Wellbeing Day

Beating the Hazards of the sedentary office!

Thanks Aviva Group Protection for inviting us to speak at your Wellbeing day for leading HR consultants in London on 5th October 2016.

The take home message is that sedentary office workers need to move throughout the day to avoid the health hazards of sitting all day. Its not just about back pain and neck pain, research now shows there are so many other health risks such as cardiovascular disease and cancer liked to sedentary working. Keep moving folks!!

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Health & Wellbeing @ Work Show NEC

FitBack had a great show again this year at the Birmingham NEC on 3rd & 4th March. It was our 8th consecutive year at the show! We had a lot of businesses interested in our services probably drawn in by the free packets of Fizz Wizz!